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Kerry and Hagel Will Improve US Relations with China

Huffington Post (January 8, 2013)

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President Barack Obama’s appointment of John Kerry as secretary of state and Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense will likely bring a major improvement in U.S.-China relations during the administration’s second term. Both Kerry and Hagel support greater U.S. cooperation with China and favor a diplomatic resolution of conflicts between the two countries.

Strategic Patience Has Become Strategic Passivity

Nautilus Institute (December 22, 2010)

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Although a solution to the basic political and security issues in Northeast Asia is not likely to be found in the near future, we should be clear about one other thing: U.S. disengagement from talks with North Korea effectively contributes to instability in the region. Strategic patience is no longer viable. Diplomatic initiatives and vision must replace passivity, and soon.

Kim Calls the Shots

Foreign Policy (April 2009)

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Is North Korea dictating U.S. security policy in Northeast Asia? As Pyongyang ratchets up tensions in the region on a near-daily basis, now preparing for a rocket launch, it is a fair question. The Obama administration appears to be merely reacting, allowing events to move from bad to worse. The offensive plays all seem to be coming from North Korea’s side as the failed state misguidedly uses its brinkmanship tactics to gain international attention and maximize its negotiating leverage.

A New US Diplomatic Strategy toward North Korea

The Atlantic Council (February 2009)

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Unless President Obama adopts a new strategy of seeking a comprehensive settlement in Korea, the U.S. is unlikely to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear program. Adopting a new diplomatic strategy to end the nuclear threat from North Korea is the core proposal of the Atlantic Council Final Report released today, with detailed recommendations for the Obama administration on policy toward the reclusive communist state.